Silverfort + Valence: Detecting and Closing the Identity Security Blind Spots


Wednesday, January 17, 2024

12:00 PM EST



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In the past few years, many attack vectors have shifted from malware and exploiting vulnerabilities, to identity-focused breaches - attackers no longer need to break in, they now log in. Human and non-human accounts have evolved to become prime targets for account takeover, OAuth abuse, and other breach methods. Attackers leverage the complex on premise and cloud environments that result in a growing identity-based attack surface.

Many security strategies today are “identity-first”, and as such, defenders look to protect their identities by enforcing strong authentication and applying zero trust principles. In this context, Silverfort and Valence provide innovative, but complementary approaches to enable strong identity protection for organizations - from legacy systems to modern SaaS applications. 

Silverfort empowers businesses to fortify their corporate identities against sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring unparalleled security in the dynamic realm of hybrid environments. Valence enables visibility and automated remediation into SaaS identity risks, ensuring strong authentication (MFA/SSO), least privilege access and dormant account offboarding.

In this webinar you will learn more about:

  • Modern identity security risks
  • Recent breaches
  • How security teams can apply authentication and authorization best practices across complex on premise and cloud environments
  • And more


Your Hosts

Jonathan Nativ200

Jonathan Nativ
Director of Strategic Alliances



Mike Wilkes



Yoni Shohet
Valence Security